How Commercial Roofing Is Different Than Residential Roofing?

Residential Roofing

If you are planning to replace the roofs of your home or for your office place and don’t have idea which one is good option. Then you can go with Roofing services in Brampton and there is a lot of different in residential and commercial roofing.

The design, labor cost, and material cost are quite different in both of these things. So if you want to know the difference then just keep reading the whole article and you will get the quick understanding.

Difference between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

# Design: The main difference in commercial and residential roofing is the design. The size of commercial buildings are always bigger than residential places and that’s why they requires extra support and weight on the roof.

On the other hand, residential roofs have more slope, which makes it quite easy to install. So whenever you look for Brampton Roofing Companies, you should also check whether they have expertise in this field or not. Then only you can proceed further.

# Material: Everyone want to have a long life roofing service and that’s choosing the best material is always necessary. The commercial Roofing in Brampton covers some elements like ventilation and air condition, that’s why a good quality material is required, which can provide an optimum support.

While the residential roofing also requires optimum support and different material like Ceramic, Wood Shakes, and Metal Roofing can be used. It is necessary for the users to talk about the experience of the every material type, it will give you a better idea.

# Maintenance: As we have already said that Commercial Roofers covers more space and that’s why it requires more maintenance. That’s why it requires more maintenance where users need to clean the gutters especially in rainy season. It also requires the regular check-up because of a large space

While if we talk about Residential Roofing then it is pretty small than Commercial Roofing.  That’s why you don’t need to put more effort in maintaining it. The broken shingles can be replaced anytime and the gutters can also be cleaned anytime when required.

# The Installation and Cost: Before going to roof your residential place or commercial, it is necessary to know the installation cost required. As we know commercial place requires more roofing as compared to residential and that’s why it acquires more cost.

There will be more material, labour, and protection equipment required in Commercial Roofing. It will be considered as more expensive and users should start working accordingly. There are many roofers in Canada and users can take some suggestions from them and can go for the final decision.


So these are the main difference between Commercial and Residential Roofing. We hope that you have understand the basic parameter of both these things. So you need to always confirm the things with Roofing contractors before finalizing any deal so that you can have some knowledge of these things.

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