A Guide to Fix Skylight Leaks


Skylight leaks are a common problem in any home. No matter how well insulated our homes are, they’ll eventually catch on fire if left open enough. And in cold weather, it can be particularly difficult to keep moisture out of your home. You could try sealing up the windows, but that doesn’t really fix the problem – especially if you have a small home. If you’ve got a large house with other apartments above it, you might want to consider installing skylight windows. These windows allow natural light to enter your home and keep moisture out. The best roofers in Mississauga can help you to get the best services at any time. Let’s discuss how we can diagnose this issue one by one:

Check Skylight Leakage 

Look for an open skylight and look for water condensation. If water condensation is present, then a skylight leak has occurred. If your skylight leaks water, check to see if it is open or partially open. This can be done from the outside or from inside the skylight. If you see water condensation, the skylight is most likely blocked. If the water condensation is from cooking or a long shower, you may be able to vent the space better. To prevent skylight leaks, a skylight seal must be well sealed around the skylight. You may also find that a skylight leaks if a skylight seal is old or poorly made. To confirm a skylight leak, take a look from the outside. Look for the entryway and see if you can find it. That way, roofing companies in Mississauga can identify the leak location and take action accordingly.


An improvement to the ventilation around a skylight will reduce condensation. If you have a water vapour film on the skylight, it will condense. The vapour will concentrate at a low point and drip to the floor. To fix this issue, you must increase the ventilation around the skylight.


Faulty Skylight

There are two common reasons for skylight leaks. The skylight may not close properly if the gasket has debris or mould encrusted. Moisture enters between the window casing and the frame, a problem for sure. Replacing the gasket may be the solution here. If you have a crack in your skylight, it could be the source of the leak, and replacing the skylight is the best course of action.

Reseal the Flashing

You must seal the skylight if the source of the sunshine starts at the flashing; you need a caulking gun, a ladder, and an industry-accepted sealant. Look for traces of old sealing material in the skylight and area and lift roof shingles in the vicinity to find water stains beneath. Apply sealant to areas that appear deficient – don’t go cheap on sealant – and lastly, apply a generous dose of sealant at the top of the skylight.

Call Skylight Professionals

A leak can be as simple as a sealant replacement or as complicated as something more advanced. Experienced professionals can detect leaks with little expertise, whereas inexperienced workers can make things worse. Even if you can’t identify the source of the leak, don’t go looking for it on the roof. A simple sealant replacement is all that is needed. Even more complex problems can and will be detected. Let a specialist Roofing Contractors Mississauga handle it, and he or she will know what to look for.


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